Plant and Machinery

We are in various segments such as civil construction, railway construction, mining, and stone crushing. We deliver and can carry out challenging tasks, thanks to extensive plant and machinery in each of our divisions. Where contractors would employ manual labour, consequently slowing down progress while increasing costs, we use equipments for almost all our operations, and, in some cases, sophisticated automated machinery.

Our civil construction division is fully equipped with a variety of plant and machinery like on-site cement concrete aggregate production plant, hydraulic excavators, ramming hammers to drive steel posts into the earth, concrete pumping equipments and sundry other miscellaneous tools. For mining work we have automated high-end tunnel boring machines, excavation machines, conveyor equipments, safety equipments, and washing plants for coal. For stone crushing we employ automated conveyorised stone crushing equipments, dumpers, and hydraulic powered lifting equipments. We source equipments from the best industry leaders for faultless and reliable performance, assuring safety and productivity.

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