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In the symphony of steel tracks, where dreams ride, our company crafts tales of journeys untold

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In the heart of rugged quarries and rocky plains, we crush stones with strength & determination

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Jyoti Group witnessed its inception with a passion to carve out our own path. The start was on a small scale but, brick by brickWe realize the fact that profits do matter but there is a core within us that puts values above profits.

Jyoti Group started as contractors and builders. We then went on to prove our prominence in civil construction work building on rock solid foundations of technical excellence, faultless planning, excellent management and timely completion. Our expertise saw us foray into railway construction projects and then to mining works that also spawned our business of production and supply of crushed stone for infrastructure projects.

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Railway Projects

We are proud to be associated with the Railways to develop railway infrastructure projects across the length and width of India. In us, the Indian Railways have a trusted partner they can rely on to complete works within time and budget targets.

Our areas of railway construction projects include building bridges, residential and commercial buildings and providing plans for a more modernized, ergonomic and environment-friendly approach to construction. Reliability, close monitoring of the progress of construction activity, and the insistence of use of only the finest materials receive prime importance because we know the critical nature of some of the works, such as building bridges, and the need for meticulousness given that life depends on the foundations we build. It does not stop there; we collaborate closely with the Railways in planning, conceptualization, drawing up project timelines, and resource allocations. We choose team members carefully and have our own team of engineers to supervise each stage of progress, the choice of materials, quality testing of each item, and the procedures. We hope to contribute to India’s growth through the country’s railway projects and infrastructure building.

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Civil Works

Civil construction works are our forte and the backbone of our operations since decades. We specialize in project management and actual turnkey implementation of medium and large residential, commercial, and industrial developments. We develop real estate into residential or commercial properties that increase multifold in value. Jyoti Group has a rock solid foundation in civil construction works with meticulous attention to detail at all levels, ranging from land related issues, surveys, project estimation, architectural design, and planning to implementation on schedule. We build structures that last depict our expertise.

Our success is the outcome of close interaction with clients and stakeholders. No project is too small for us. We take on design and construction of an individual project with the same deep commitment as we do large scale works.


Collaborating with Jyoti Group on our railway projects has been exceptional. Their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to deadlines have ensured smooth execution throughout. Their professionalism and innovation have truly elevated our projects. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with Jyoti Group.

Working with Jyoti Group on our civil projects has been remarkable. Their expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to quality have delivered exceptional results. From planning to execution, their professionalism ensures timely and top-notch outcomes. Looking forward to more successful collaborations with Jyoti Group.

Choosing Jyoti Group for our stone crushing needs has been a wise decision. Their efficient operations, expertise in the field, and commitment to quality have made our projects a success. With their reliable service and dedication to meeting deadlines, we've achieved outstanding results. Jyoti Group's proficiency in stone crushing is unmatched, and we look forward to continued partnership with them for our future endeavors.